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Aspirin - why?
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Aspirin - why?
Hey everyone, I'm new here. Short bio:
Type 1 diabetes diagnosed in 1999, at age 15. All well and good until 2013. Diagnosed with Hashi's and MTHFR at the same time. Have changed thyroid doctors several times, refuse to let my endo manage my Hashi's and MTHFR. Am currently on a compounded T4/T3 medication but am waiting for an appointment with a new doctor who will hopefully switch me to a natural thyroid med.

Husband and I started trying to have a baby back in March, no luck yet, but I hear it takes a while Big Grin. So my obgyn says come back next March & they'll start doing more invasive testing, etc. No help there, even with all my current issues. She mentioned that I'll need to start aspirin once I'm pregnant but I've been doing a lot of reading and I can't figure out why aspirin is recommended for ttc/pregnant MTHFR women. (She also called it "MTHFDR" too, which doesn't leave me with a very warm, positive feeling as to how she can manage me with this condition during pregnancy...)

Coming from someone who does not like to use otc painkillers if at all possible, is doing everything to keep liver functioning well, keep toxins out of her body, and who has MTHFR, I just can't find a good explanation as to why aspirin would be recommended. My homocysteine levels have been fine, although I'm not sure what they were at my last appointment, I'd have to dig up the lab work.

I've searched MTHFR Living, but don't see any articles explaining WHY to use aspirin in pregnancy, only that some people need it. Can anyone help?
08-01-2017 03:19 PM
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