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Hello! New here!!
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Heart Hello! New here!!
Hello everyone! New to the forum, hoping to find some answers!! I have been suffering from panic disorder since Sept 2007...first full blown attack out of the blue, have not had a "normal" life since then. Constant anxiety, adrenaline rushes especially in the morning, shakiness, fears, agoraphobia, irritability, anger, etc.etc. Saw dozens of doctors, ran hundreds of tests and tried all kinds of traditional and alternative therapies, none worked. Fast forward to beginning of 2017 when I saw a nutritionist/neurologist who suggested to take the 23and me genetic test. I am quoting his review of the results: "you have a compound heterozygous SNP for the COMT pathway. This is the pathway that breaks down dopamine, adrenaline and estrogen. This still works for you but not as well as with other people. The end result is that you likely have elevated levels of dopamine/adrenaline in circulation, like your foot is stuck on the accelerator".
Also, he did some more accurate blood work and my Homocysteine level came back at 11.3, which he claimed to be very extremely high.
I am now 54, but I was diagnosed at 52 with severe osteoporosis.
Also, I had huge problems with my teeth, gum disease that fortunally got treated, then numerous abscesses out of nowhere. I have aching joints and muscle stiffness.

His protocol was be on a strict paleo diet, and prescribed Turmeric, Magnesium Glycinate, Vitamin D, Hydroxo B12, high doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

None of these supplements had relieved my symptoms, in fact my anxiety got worse, especially (and it happened years before) with Vit B, C and Magnesium.
I have looked up my test results on 23andme site (doctor did not give them to me and I stopped seeing him in March of 2017), and this is what I have gathered:
COMT RS 4680 variants A or G - genotype A/G
COMT RS 4633 variants C or T - genotype C/T
MTHFR RS 1801133 variants A or G - genotype A/G
MTHFR RS 1801131 variants G or T - genotype G/T
MTHFR RS 2274976 variants C or T - genotype C/C
MTHFR RS 9651118 variants C or T - genotype T/T
DABP1 RS 10156191 variants C or T - genotype C/T
I am at a loss here... I did not respond well to the supplements he had prescribed...what now..?
Should I try methyl B12 (different form than the one he had prescribed) and see what happens?
I am at the end of my rope here... I know I finally have the answer to my "mental issues" but I am frustrated for not being able to do anything with it!! Please help.... Sad
01-15-2018 07:01 PM
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RE: Hello! New here!!
Hello - have you read this? http://mthfrliving.com/health-tips/suppl...mthfr-b12/

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03-27-2018 08:20 AM
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