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MTHFR and Epilepsy - Who I am
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MTHFR and Epilepsy - Who I am

I joined this forum for my wife. She had some abdominal pains that we, with the help of doctors, identified as originating in the colon. we tried treating her for colitis, dairy allergies, and constipation. Following a clear-foods diet and Miralax treatments, the pain only seemed to worsen. The decision was to have my desperate, 34-year-old wife submit to scoping her digestive tract from the entrance and exit.

No polyps, infection, or visible damage or abnormalities of any kind could be found. The doctor at the helm of the scoping suggested that she had "functional pain," but gave no details or explanation of what that was. He just pulled out his prescription pad and began asking if she had sensitivities to any pain medication - seriously!! Pain killers. we thanked him for his time and left relieved that she didn't have cancer, but disappointed that the best of the traditional medical community had given up investigating her painful issue and was resigned to feeding a dependence on drugs.

She took this diagnosis to her PP - his PA really - and he shared in our dismay. Luckily he had heard of MTHFR - he called it the "mother f'er" - mutation and signed her up for the test. He took 6 viles of blood for 13 test including for the two mutations. Needless to say, she passed all but the MTHFR screens and now we know. She has heterogeneous occurrences of each mutation.

What complicates this further, she was diagnosed with epilepsy years ago and has been on two medications for that - one being kepra the other I can't remember. because of this, she was prescribed a high dosage of folic acid supplement to counteract the depletion of folic acid caused by the prescriptions. In light of the MTHFR mutation, she has discontinued her supplements, but wants to be free of meds altogether.

Our current quest is to find a functional neurologist who is aware of these mutations and its relationship to epilepsy so he can advise on reducing medication while starting methyl folate supplementation.

That's our story, the gist anyway, and the reason I joined this forum. I would love to collaborate and find out more.

Jason Hardman
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