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New to the Forum!
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New to the Forum!
Hello. My name is Virginia. I recently found out I have a homozygous 677T MTHFR gene in mid-October 2017. The tests were run after two miscarriages because I found out about blood clotting disorders being an issue with miscarriages; therefore, I suggested testing for them to my ObGYN. First embryo stopped growing at 8 weeks but miscarriage was documented at 12 weeks in Nov. 2014. Finally got pregnant again, in 2016 but miscarried at 6 weeks in late-Nov. 2016. Testing for MTHFR and FVL and others were done in Feb. 2017 by my request as I stated above. An accidental duplication of MTHFR was done in May 2017 as well. Both showed abnormal for 677T but doctor and nurse overlooked the result in March, May (through e-messaging) and July (face-to-face meeting), confirming three separate times I had all normal results. I stumbled upon the abnormal result in October 2017 after having a third miscarriage at 6 weeks Oct. 1 2017. My in laws wanted to see my e-portal of all my results and I saw my abnormal MTHFR result in addition to a clinical note stating 'all results are normal,' dated July 2017 by my doctor with the abnormal results clearly listed in bold font at the bottom of the note. I confronted them about this at a follow up appointment Oct. 19 2017 and she confirmed I have this hereditary thromophelia but minimized it throughout the appointment, quoting 2013 ACOG guidelines. I even corrected her when she stated to me, 'increase your folic acid' and I retorted to her, "you mean folate and vitamin B's, correct?" Anyway, needless to say I am upset and curious if my third miscarriage could have been prevented and after reading numerous blogs, research studies and articles this past weekend, I now see the steps I have to take in the future. I wish I had this information back in March 2017. So I am new to your site and it is very informative. I will wait to see if I get pregnant with this new information on what supplements to take, as posted on your forum. They are ordered and in the mail. I may use Lovenox as well. I am ranting because I feel unsupported and think I am dealing with a doctor who is lying to me to save her butt or clearly uneducated in the area. This information is very helpful. I am hoping no damage has been done to me in that I have been taking prenatal vitamins for 4 years with extra folate in the last several months. I have stopped now and try to eat a very healthy, folate rich diet, but again not sure if damage has been done. I am now focused on taking the correct supplements. Thanks to this site, I want to have my husband tested for thromophelias as well. Any advice or words of consolation are appreciated. Thank you.
10-22-2017 03:29 PM
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