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Seeking health
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Seeking health
hello everyone
I'm new here - I am a 50 year old woman Struggling with poor health for the last few years
Chronic pain anxiety insomnia - deterioration of a normal life

I eat well. Exercise , drink clean water raise my chickens yet I struggle Sad

My natural path is treating me for the MTHFR - over methylation as I have all the symptoms and blood work backs up his suspicion
I have not done the genetic testing a bit fearful about it

Currently healing my gut and taking high doses of niacin, b12, b6, methylfolate, and magnesium

My urine test shows very elevated neurotransmitters the excitatory ones
Which makes sense why I can't sleep

I am recently tapered off Vicodin and benzos ugh
Looking for support, answers and to regain my health
07-08-2017 01:56 PM
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