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chronic fatigue, ataxia, dizziness, dry eyes, weightloss resistance
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chronic fatigue, ataxia, dizziness, dry eyes, weightloss resistance
I am new to this website as I was recently diagnosed with homozygous 677T. I havent felt right or well since the age of 11 or 12. I always knew there was something wrong with me but the doctors never could give me an answer. This past year, I became very ill after eating a ruben sandwich with rye bread. I had been gluten free for 8 years prior to that because a previous doctor told me I had a high anti-gliadin antibody, which meant I have a problem with gluten. I never felt that gluten bothered me but followed his advise, none the less. I decided to try the sandwich (which was a part of a birthday lunch thrown by my co-workers). I thought that if I developed symptoms, I would just steer clear of gluten in the future. Boy, I had no idea what damage a gluten intolerant person does by just one time consumption. I have been ill since that day on February 21st 2016. I developed a serious rash on my back, neck, face arms and chest. It looked like a horrible burn. It itched and caused a great deal of pain. It was through the process of trying to understand what caused that rash and subsequent illness that led me to the diagnosis of MTHFR. I saw 16 doctors of every specialty over the course of the past year. Not a one could help. They all said, "it looks like a type of eczema so we'll treat it as such." I was on prednisone and doxycycline for a year for systemic infections such as MRSA and streptococcus. I used very potent steroidal creams and had terrible reactions to all the meds. Recently I was diagnosed with candida so Ive been treated with diflucan for a month. I was prescribed methyltrexate, iimuran and every supplement known to man. I also was diagnosed with neurotransmitter deficiency, homocystiene levels 3 times the limit, hepatolmegaly, angiomyolypomas, lung nodules, liver cyst, pulmonary hypertension, multiple chemical sensitivity and non celiac gluten intolerance.
I don't know if MTHFR can predispose one to multiple organ problems, but I feel there must be a common thread that causes all my systems to have some abnormality. I have chronic fatigue and brain fog every day. I have suffered from learning disabilities since childhood - I believe I have undiagnosed ADD.
I am sharing all of this because I would like to know if there is anyone else who suffers from such a wide borrage of symptoms.
What can I do to quell some of these symptoms and slow the damage being caused? I am very cautious about what I eat and try to buy organic when possible. Of course I cannot eat any gluten and other grains cause rapid weight gain. I avoid sugar and all packaged foods, ie chemicals, preservatives. My diet consists of vegetables, small amount of meats and small amount of fruits and the nuts I am not allergic to.
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