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Full Version: Newly dignosed ~ Can you assist?
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I would like to first thank Andrea and others for their ongoing communication on this site.
I was recently diagnosed with the MTHFR A1298C gene after suffering a minor cryptogenic stroke back in September. I am a healthy, active 46 year old who doesn't smoke, is not overweight, and according to my doctors, does not fit the profile for stroke patients. I underwent extensive blood work to assist with finding a cause, and that is when I discovered I had the gene. It is still uncertain if the gene had any connection to the stroke, as I am a single carrier.
I am moving forward with creating an even healthier lifestyle, going all organic, and reevaluating my vitamin intake.
Unfortunately, I was denied genetic counseling for the MTHFR gene, citing the Dr's limited capacity and resources to see all patients. I completely understand that there are many more people in my community whose needs are more prevalent than mine when it comes to genetic counseling. Therefore, I began researching on my own.
Admist pages and pages of reading, I have come down to a few main questions that I seem to be reading contradicting information about. I was hoping someone, perhaps Andrea, could clear the air for me. My question involves supplements for VITAMIN B12 and FOLATE.
Question #1: Am I correct in saying that those with MTHFR should take Vitamin B12 in the active form, avoiding cyanocabolamin as an ingredient, ensuring the B12 supplement has methylcobalomin? Or, does it not matter?
Question #2: Clearly understanding that synthetic FOLIC ACID should be avoided at all costs for those with the MTHFR gene, should I take a FOLATE vitamin supplement (from what I understand methylfolate to be exact). There are many mixed reviews on FOLATE supplement intake, ranging from concerns of "overdosing" by exceeding 1000 mcg a day overall of FOLATE, to feeling anxious on it, to it causing higher cancer risks.
I really just want to ensure that my body is working properly or "working with" the MTHFR gene to the best of its ability and not wreaking havoc on my system.
Any feedback one could offer to help navigate me through this first step of better understanding the recommended vitamin supplement end of MTHFR is much appreciated! Thank you for your time.
Kristin B

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